Daily Digest 1/13/18


Child marriage should be nipped in the bud: Indira

Mysuru, January 13:- “Awareness programmes to stop child marriage should be held at schools and colleges frequently,” opined taluk child development officer I S Indira. She was speaking at a programme on eradication of child marriage and child labour system held at Periyapattana taluk office …

ICSO: Iron County doomsday preppers married each other’s underage daughters

Writings and videos published on Shaffer’s website promoted fundamentalist Mormon beliefs, including polygamy and child marriage. Multiple family members expressed concern that the two girls were being hidden to be placed in a marriage.

Murder of Zainab, 6, stirs outrage in Pakistan

According to Sahil, a non-governmental organization for victims of violence and sexual abuse, there were 4,139 cases of child sexual abuse — including abduction, missing children and child marriage — in Pakistan in 2016, an average of 11 incidents per day and a 10 percent increase on 2015.

Project Re-ignites academic hope for thousands

Emmaculate Kanze was destined for child marriage in her native Kilifi County when a teacher at the school , Mrs Scholastic Owino came to her rescue; Recalls Mrs Owino who is married in Kilifi: ““Kanze and other children frequented my house whenever I was at home for holidays. Her predicament in a …

CM Launches Projects Worth Over Rs. 272 crore in Buxar

Kumar then moved on to the topics of prohibition, and dowry and child marriage saying that while prohibition in Bihar has been proved to be very successful; he would not rest until he is successful in eradicating dowry and child marriage in the state. “When it comes to prohibition, I am not going to make …

Child brides: In Jharkhand, 1 in 2 girls aged 15-19 is married

India’s eastern state of Jharkhand has the highest proportion of girls aged 15-19 years currently married at 49%. The proportion of married girls aged 15-19 years ranged from 13% to 49% across four states–Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar and Rajasthan–according to the 2017 report More than Brides …

Kandahar’s Sole Female Prosecutor

Her gigantic workload includes issues such as child marriage, domestic violence, sexual assault and the denial of inheritance rights and access to education. Had there been more female prosecutors working with her, Zainab continued, the impact would be much higher. Women she has helped bring …

Soap operas seek to break taboos in Pakistan

“If there (is) no widespread awareness, who would know that it [child marriage] is a crime?” says Angeline Malik, the show’s director. One of the country’s biggest entertainment channels, Hum TV, is a pioneer in using social issues as soap opera fodder. In 2016, the channel aired Udaari (flight), based on …
The world’s happiest teens live — no, not in Japan — in the Dominican Republic. It’s a beautiful Caribbean country, much and justly beloved by tourists yet plagued by poverty, crime, child marriage, teen pregnancy and inadequate education. Tourists needn’t worry about that, but local kids, you’d think, would be keenly aware of it. What are they so happy about?

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