Daily Digest 1/6/18


NHRC conference on child marriage concludes

Among the participating states, Bihar and West Bengal are among the seven states with highest incidences of child marriage. West Bengal has the highest number of child marriages. In case of Orissa according to NFHS IV (2015-16) status, Malkangiri leads the chart with 39.3 per cent of its women aged
Adopt zero-tolerance policy on child marriage: NHRC

Prime News, Nation, (Bhubaneswar), January 6:-With India recording around 3,600 child marriages every day, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked states to adopt a zero-tolerance policy to curb the social menace and strictly enforce the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006.
Talaq isn’t the problem: Many women are happy to break free from marriage

It is true that social practices are not easy to extinguish by law (as the persistence of dowry, child marriageand domestic violence make clear), but what would Parliament achieve with a bill criminalising what is already illegal? It might serve to intimidate Muslim men but it doesn’t serve Muslim women’s
Meeting on human chain formation in city today

PATNA: State education department has asked district programme officer and state resource group to ensure maximum participation of local artists in human chain formation against child marriage and dowry on January 21 across the state.

Why bid for death penalty for raping minors will not deter rape

India has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest number of rape crimes in the world, and that seems to be a problem with no solutions in the near future.

After every incident that captures the nation’s attention, there are calls for stringent measures to deter criminals. There are vociferous debates on TV channels, protests, candle marches and other methods of expressing our collective anguish. Once the anger subsides, the millions of other cases that escape the media’s radar continue to tarnish our national conscience, until another shameful incident comes to light, and the country is once again demanding the death penalty for the rapists and for the cases to be adjudged in a time-bound manner.

As horrendous as the problem itself is, our response to it seldom involves introspection and rationality. In a state of heightened emotions people often call for retribution, including public executions in the flawed and naïve belief that it would act as a deterrent. This belief resonates with the political parties who seek to exploit public anger for their benefit. Sadly, it appears that even the judiciary has succumbed to this popular, but unfounded belief.


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